11 thoughts on “Piazza Navona

  1. If you are still in Rome, go to eat in a small street in Campo de’ Fiori (vicolo delle grotte), the restaurant is called A tozzi e bocconi and it’s just wonderful!! Have fun in my home town 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m still in Rome … I live in Rome! 🙂
      I know this restaurant, the food is very good.
      Thank you for visiting my site!
      Grazie per il consiglio 😉

      1. I’m so glad you know it because actually it’s my family’s restaurant! You might have met mom then 🙂
        Have fun in Rome 😉

        P.S: I really like your pics!

  2. A favorite site! When we have been in Rome, we stay at a convent one piazza over, Piazza Farnese. Not even sure if it is still there, but my memories are rich, and your photo has awakened them!

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